Sport Compact Tires  Good Control On The Road  

October 30, 2005

By: David Parker

Sport Compact Tires Good Control On The Road

In almost every sport compact tires, all we need is greater stability in the tread and more rubber in contact area under extreme cornering conditions. Basically in every sport compact tire, there are three things to notice: the tread design featuring large shoulder tread blocks that improve traction, stability and handling for maximum grip, carefully designed grooves to spit out water so the footprint handles the road and strong brake slots to give the extra stability and better control it needs to help stop high-powered sports compacts in their tracks. There are many variations of these tires to give your vehicle an enhanced sporty look and better control on the road.

In Michelin's tires, technological advances including the Variable Contact Patch are used on both new sportu compact tires i.e. Pilot Sport PS2 and Pilot Exalto PE2. In both tires, more rubber is placed in contact with the road during extreme cornering in order to greatly enhance grip and performance. The sporty Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 tire also includes an asymmetric sporty tread design that has more grooves for water evacuation for compacts on the inside shoulder of the tire, which is extremely powerful and effective in both dry and wet conditions.

BFGoodrich is the leader in production of sports compacts tires and other sport tire from 30 years. In November, 2003 BFGoodrich launched the world's first sport compact dub tire, a new 20-inch g-Force T/A KDW. The new tire, size P225/30ZR20, was the latest addition to the number one performance tire line and has been specifically designed to fit many popular sport compact cars with little or no modification to give them more sporty looks. At the time of launching this tire, the company claimed that this tire will be the first drag radial slick to be used in sport compacts drag racing competition. With two tread patterns, the g-Force T/AKDW is the go-to tire for enthusiasts who want the ultimate in ultra-high performance, rain or shine.

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