Advanced Tire Treads — For Extra Grip And Control  

December 18, 2005

By: David Parker

Advanced Tire Treads — For Extra Grip And Control

The tread is the portion of the outer surface of the tire that actually makes contact with the road and with the help of advance tire treads we get what we want: more contact with road, powerful grip and lower rolling resistance when the tire meets the road. The advanced tire tread design is what provides traction and grip, allowing the vehicle to hold to the road under various driving conditions even under extreme conditions such as cornering at high speeds or driving on wet pavement, so high tech tire tread allows better control on the road. It’s not just the tread pattern or design, but the tires rubber compound also plays an important role in high-tech and superior tire performance under extreme conditions. Some companies are using carbon blacks, while others are using volcano sands and specially formulated silicon compounds to make advanced tires.

According to tire experts, the minimum safe treads depth for any tire is 2/32 of an inch. At this point, raised rubber "wear bands" will start to appear across the face of the tread indicating the tire needs to be replaced. Any attempt to drive below this minimum safe tread depth especially on wet conditions may be hazardous and troublesome. Tread depth and pattern play an important role while on wet and icy roads. Superior deeper grooves in the tread channel water away from the tread blocks so there is traction on the road. Snow is captured in deeper grooves for additional gripping power.

All we want are unique and all weather tires on which we can ride comfortably and safely. And, when it comes to auperior high-performance, innovative, long lasting and highly reliable commercial tires, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has its own niche in the market. Since years, they have superior, carefully designed and research oriented tire tread patterns along with specially formulated high tech tire rubber compounds to handle almost every adverse condition.

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