Luxury Car Tires – For Extra Comfort  

Luxury Car Tires – For Extra Comfort

The luxury car tires have gained much attention these days due to their exceptional quality, durability and comfortable ride. Goodyear presents luxury car tire and has taken tire technology to a new level with the introduction of the Goodyear Assurance brand of high-end and luxurious passenger vehicle tires. Goodyear Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology offers added peace of mind and superb value in ANY weather condition, and positioned as a premium passenger tire that offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Added cushion between the tread and the belt provides a smooth ride on the new tires. It is the ultimate accessory for discerning drivers interested in comfort, quiet, and high-end performance. Assurance luxury tire featuring ComforTred Technology offers a smooth and quiet ride, providing the ultimate total luxury driving experience. According to the company sources, ComforTred tire is designed with a super-absorbent layer between tread and the belt that provides approximately 20 percent more cushion and provides insulation from auto vibrations and impacts from any road condition.

Basically these are the rubber compound used, design of the tread and absorbent material used in between the tread and the belt of the tire, which truly make a luxurious tire. In general, all modern auto tires contains up to 50 basic raw materials, from carbon black to zinc oxide, 15 synthetic rubber combinations, man-made fibers, and high-strength alloy steels. The material must be strong enough to support vehicle cornering, vehicle acceleration, and braking loads, yet supple enough to absorb bumps.

These new generation all-season tires have had a lot of energy expended on making sure they’re firm on the road while creating less possible noise. Tires make noise in two ways, a low frequency noise from the car tire striking the road and a high frequency sound from the air being squeezed out of the tread spaces as the auto tire compresses, rolling over the surface. So a true high-end and luxurious vehicle tire makes sure of these two factors. Moreover, specially formulated rubber compound and chemicals are also added to give the tire a fresh black look for years. For example, Assurance featuring ComforTred Technology also has PermaBlack, an exclusive compound additive that maintains new-tire appearance throughout the life of the tire—indeed looks matter a lot, when it comes to luxury vehicles.

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