New Tire Sizes  To Meet Every Requirement

February 19, 2006

By: David Parker

New Tire Sizes To Meet Every Requirement

When you decide to purchase new tires for your vehicle you should know about new tire sizes. Due to increasing market demand and introduction of latest special purpose vehicles different tire sizes are required. Every vehicle has a different tires size as on most passenger cars and light trucks, the size looks something like this: 205/70R15. On imports and smaller cars it may look like: 185SR14. On larger pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles, it may look something like 31x10.5R15. These size specifications regarding a new tire size are mostly found the tires themselves and in your vehicle manual as well.

Although it may look complicated, but the series of numbers and letters simply tells you about the width of the tread (section width), the series size (aspect ratio) of the sidewall, the size wheel it will fit on (rim width), and sometimes the speed rating and intended use of the tire. Sometimes special letters are added to the tire size like EL, R, SP or SL etc which denote their special purpose. So for exact details, it is always better to refer the tire manual or tire company representatives. There is a vast range of newer tires available from different companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Dunlop and almost every year they launch new tire types and sizes.

When it comes to the vast range of products, Bridgestone and Goodyear are the leaders. For example, according to company press release BFGoodrich Tires introduced 36 newer sizes to its g-ForceTM T/A KDW ultra-high performance tire line during the year 2004. Not only this, but with the introduction of the newer range of products, the g-Force T/A KDW tire line became the largest in the industry with 85 sizes to equip almost every vehicle ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches, and from large trucks to SUVs to small carts. Key elements in the tire's superior performance are it's newer silica-reinforced tread compound along with its unidirectional tread designs, providing excellent grip in both wet, dry to highly snowy conditions.

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