Passenger Car Tires  For Comfortable Drive

February 26, 2006

By: David Parker

Passenger Car Tires For Comfortable Drive

Passenger car tires play an important role in day-to-day life because, as most people have to drive their cars to and from work, five days a week, all year, and in many different weather conditions. We all admit that safety, reliability and smooth rides are a few of the most essential factors in a passenger car tire for automobiles. The majority of these tires are all-season or all-weather tires for better vehicle traction and control. In such conditions, tires of passenger vehicle require more enhancements to handle almost everything. This kind of driving has special needs such as low tire noise so you can hear traffic reports and CDs, a smooth vehicle ride to keep your drink in place, and good all-weather vehicle traction for those rainy and snowy days.

Tire manufacturers have been fighting to win over this lucrative segment of the marketplace world over. Several manufacturers now offer high-mileage passenger car tires, often with pro-rated 80,000-mile warranties. BFGoodrich has introduced a tire to meet passenger tire requirements called g-Force tire virtually every sport compact vehicle customer can afford. Especially for passenger cars, the company has introduced comparatively new tire called the Control Plus for the mass market. The range is so vast (available in 30 sizes ranging from 13-to 16-inches) and performance is so great that as per company officials the new auto tire is expected to cover approximately 58 percent of all passenger cars for almost every weather condition. Basically the Control Plus tire has been introduced to appeal the mass market and to replace the Control T/A M80 and M65.

Another great name in auto passenger tires for automobiles is Michelin. We know that Michelin has long been associated with tire manufacturing for automobiles and a clear leader in the auto industry when it comes to innovative, long-lasting, reliable and cost effective tires for passenger cars, import automobiles, and light trucks. The Michelin HydroEdge tire for the passenger car is scoring well in wet traction, extra tread life, and quiet ride. The Michelin HydroEdge is backed with a 90,000-mile limited warranty (perhaps the maximum warranty given by any single company in this segment) and the Michelin total satisfaction guarantee that includes a 30 day free trial period on your car, 2 years of roadside assistance for vehicles, online product registration, and tire rotation reminders in cars.

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