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Extended Life Tires Extra Long Life Tires

Extended life tires, sometimes also called as EL tires, are those tires which have better tread design and specially formulated rubber compound and chemicals to combat any adverse road conditions. On one hand they provide better safety and traction on road, while on other they provide the true value to the customers as there is less wear and tear and less maintenance. There are many tire manufacturers who provide extended or prolonged life tires for almost every vehicle especially passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. For example, Firestone Agricultural Tire Division has introduced an innovative new line of extended life tires with prolonged tread wear. The Super All Traction II 23 features many of the benefits of a radial tire in a bias tire construction. The Super All Traction II 23 will be positioned to replace the popular Firestone Traction Field and Road line that has been a staple of the industry for many years.

The extended life tire is currently offered in four sizes: 18.4-34, 15.5-38, 18.4-38 and 20.8-38. More tire sizes were planned to expand the line in 2004 and beyond. The tire has been designed for use on utility tractors, small row crop and cost conscious third fitment positions. Features and benefits include the Proven 23 long bar/long bar design that delivers excellent traction and even wear that will extend and prolong life. An increased number of lugs, even more than the top-selling bias tire allow for a stronger pull and longer wear. Advanced design reduces vibration to deliver a smoother, better ride for a prolonged period of time. Additionally Firestone presents its new Firehawk SZ50 EP (EP for Extended Performance) which is an Ultra High Performance summer tire developed to provide comfort, performance and prolonged value.

Tire manufacturing is not rocket science, but when it comes to design unique, rugged and tough tires to provide extended life to the tires there are very few tire manufacturers who excel in this field. The Firestone technologies used to develop and produce the Firehawk SZ50 EP is called "UNI-T AQ," which stands for "Ultimate Tire Technology, Advanced Quality." UNI-T incorporates innovative beads, unique carcass shapes and treads designs that are tuned for performance and comfort. The Firehawk SZ50 EP has a unique dual-layer tread which has two rubber compounds, one layered on top of the other, that will prolong or extend life. As the top layer wears to wear to half tread depth, it begins to expose the underlayer which offers even more wet grip and better traction. This helps prolong excellent wet traction as the tread's groove depth wears away. The Firehawk SZ50 EP keeps wet traction up, even as its tread wears down.

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