Premium Touring Tires—For Better Handling  

Premium Touring Tires—For Better Handling

Premium touring tires are true friends of any avid traveler, on and off the road. There are many companies which provide quality long lasting, all season and high performance touring tires. For example, if you want smooth and comfortable ride, excellent wear and better performance high quality tires, then Nitto's new premium touring NT 460 is an excellent choice. Add to that its all-season versatility and quiet road manners and you will see why it's one of today's most popular designs. This premium touring tire has many great features which make this tire a top choice. This high end tire has many features, such as quality tread patterns and great handling in bad weather for racing.

Bridgestone/Firestone introduced its line of premium touring tires named Grenadier PLE. The new racing tire has included many new features such as ultra-wide tread with excellent wet traction and handling, coupled with long tread wear. This new race and touring tire has innovative computerized tire-tread design that matches the demands and appearance of premium touring vehicles. The quality tire is T-speed-rated, available in 21 sizes (70 - 55 Series, 13" - 16"), represents a new position in the Bridgestone Associate Brand product lineup. The tire offers "serrated band" black sidewall styling, with two sizes also available in white stripe sidewalls. The tire comes with an 80,000 mile limited tread wear warranty. On all warranties, certain restrictions and limitations may apply, so consumers should check with individual retailers for complete details and conditions.

On the similar lines, the Regatta 2 radial is the Standard Touring All-Season member of Goodyear’s Integrity family of passenger tires. Surpassing Goodyear’s original Regatta in virtually every racing performance measurement, the Regatta 2 provides high end touring tire characteristics for family cars, minivans and light duty trucks, as well as provides year round traction, even in light snow. Credit goes to its quality all-season tread rubber compound which is molded into a high end tread design that features open shoulder grooves and stable independent tread blocks to enhance foul weather traction while a continuous center rib reduces noise and promotes tread life.

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