Dunlop Winter Sports M3 Tires: legs for the quick cars  

Dunlop Winter Sports M3 Tires: legs for the quick cars

Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 tires are designed to run and perform on dry and snow covered roads alike. The special silica based tread compound gives protection in cold temperature. The tire’s directional tread design takes sufficient stride on wet and snow covered slushy roads. The high-density lateral crisscross stripes and self-regulating tread blocks on the edges provide good grip in even 4 to 12 inches of snow depth. Also, these winter radial tires from Dunlop feature blackwall styling and are available in 65, 60, 55 and 45 series, T, H or V-speed rated sizes for 15-18 inch diameter wheels.

Dunlop Winter Sport M3 tires are extremely comfortable to drive on and effectively prevent road accidents even in winter. These winter sports tires are capable of running all year if not used on sports cars. Their strong grips prove excellent in downhill braking and in uphill acceleration. These tires are a bit noisy but are better than other snow tires. In dry conditions, these tires have better grip on the mountain roads.

Application Advantage: SP Winter Sport M3 tires from Dunlop are specifically meant for winter driving but can serve you on dry roads too, without any failure. These tires are suitable for quick cars like sports cars, coupes and sedans. With the M3 tires, driving through gravel and on dirty roads is convenient and you can practically maintain your speed around corners.

This tire variety offers faster and comfortable driving on difficult road conditions.

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