Goodyear trailer tires: the right choice for all trailers  

Goodyear trailer tires: the right choice for all trailers

If you are looking for new tires for your trailer, do not hesitate to opt for the top brand in the trailer tire industry. We are talking about Goodyear trailer tires that come in a variety of sizes for boat trailers, travel trailers, utility trailers, livestock trailers, pop-up campers and fifth wheel trailers. Tire diameters range from 8” to 16”and are available with or without wheel rims. Trailer tires are designed to make trailer towing easier, more stable, secure and more economical. These trailer tires from Goodyear deliver excellent traction, dependable higher speed stability and long lasting wear. The outstanding tread design, the exceptional casing integrity, and the perfect compounding of the Goodyear trailer tire ensures that it outperforms its competitors.

The company has 2000 sales outlets for commercial tires including 171 company owned locations and 173 authorized re-traders to serve its more than 800 national account customers.

Manufacturing process: The high quality performance of trailer tires from Goodyear is the result of first-rated quality control in the manufacturing process. The company breaks the conventional tire development process into only two design cycles. The Goodyear tire design phase simulation allows the company to reduce the number of design options and limit only to those most suited to enhancing steering axle tire performance. Early computer testing simulates a wide variety of tread designs, tire mold shapes, construction configurations, and combinations of material. Once a physical model is developed, it goes through extensive lab tests before the final output. The new trailer tires from Goodyear are manufactured using a very innovative manufacturing technology called IMPACT, which highlights integrated manufacturing and precision assembly. IMPACT is said to increase productivity by 135% and effectively reduce cycle time by 70%.

So, next time you’re in the market for trailer tires, make sure to check out Goodyear first, and rate their performance yourself.

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