Enjoy the ride with Michelin motorcycle tires.  

Enjoy the ride with Michelin motorcycle tires.

All motor bikers are well acquainted with Michelin motorcycle tires for their smooth and safe performance. Andre & Edouard Michelin founded the Company in 1889 and, from then onwards, Michelin tires have always occupied the top position in the tire world due to their superior performance, innovative designs (Pax system), cutting-edge technology and their ability to travel roads safely and efficiently. The company also produces tires for cars, bicycles, RV’s, SUV’s, vans, pick-ups, heavy trucks, earthmovers, agriculture machines and also caters to the aviation sector.

Tires for every motorcycle: Michelin motorcycle tires fit onto a wide variety of motorbikes. The different types are: Sport, Super, Street and Off-road. Some of the world’s best sport bikes and extreme bikes have Michelin tires on them. These sport tires are characterized by their high performance sport-touring radial, hydro-edge technology and 100% silica rubber mix.

Super sport tires have a very high-end technology embedded in them, which makes the sports bike riders and the racers champions in the race field. Durability of the Michelin Street tire allows touring the streets and highways on all types of motorcycles. And if you dream of becoming a world class racer, then using tough and durable off road tires featuring motor cross treads for soft, intermediate and hard-terrain, might be the best choice.

The road tires from Michelin feature cross-ply tires for sports touring, handling and mileage for cruise control. A more unique tire offered is the dual sport tire designed specifically for touring bikes and adventure bikes.

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