What is the Best Tire for Tread wear?  

What is the Best Tire for Tread wear?

Looking for a tire with the best tread wear? Tires have a special treadwear rating system, Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards (UTQG). The UTQG was created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to help consumers have a way of understanding a tires tread life expectancy, as well as traction and temperature capabilities.

So going by the UTQG, the passenger tires with the best tread life are the Michelin Hydroedge & the Kumho Eco Solus HM KR22, both with a Treadwear rating of 800.

TireUTQG TreadwearWarranty
Michelin Hydroedge8006 Years / 90,000 Miles
Kumho Eco Solus HM KR228006 Years / 100,000 Miles
Pirelli Cinturato P5760Unlimited Time / 85,000 Miles
Pirelli P4 Four Seasons760Unlimited Time / 85,000 Miles (T-Rated tires only)
Michelin Harmony7406 Years / 80,000 Miles
Turanza Serenity7405 Years / 70,000 Miles (Applies to H rated)
GoodyearAssurance ComforTred Touring7406 Years / 80,000 Miles (T & H rated only)

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